Nogizaka Torikou (Main Branch)

Nogizaka Torikou (Main Branch) Course

Kaiji Chicken skewers

Prime-quality liver

390 yen

Chicken meat

290 yen

Grilled chicken meat with wasabi

280 yen

Breast meat

280 yen

Hipbone meat

720 yen

Vegetable and other skewers

Grilled foie gras with black sesame and black pepper

560 yen

Mozzarella marinated in tamari soy sauce

550 yen

Fried tofu stuffed with Camembert cheese

400 yen

Shiitake mushroom

310 yen

Green onion

290 yen

Fresh sashimi

Chicken breast with salted kelp

770 yen

Chicken breast with wasabi and grated yam

770 yen


Homemade liver mousse

1,030 yen

Rolled omelet

990 yen


Rice with Yatsugatake Jidori egg

550 yen

Liver risotto

680 yen

Torikoh’s oyako-don (rice bowl with chicken and egg) (Regular)

1,160 yen


Homemade pudding

550 yen

Homemade pudding

Oyako-don(rice bowl with chicken and egg)

1,100 yen

Soboro-don (rice bowl with ground chicken)

900 yen

Yakitori-don (rice bowl with yakitori)

1,300 yen

Torikoh’s special chicken sukiyaki

1,300 yen

* Comes with a small side dish, salad, chicken soup,
pickled vegetables, and dessert


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